The Cacklin' Hens & Roosters Too

Old Time Music for dancing, dancing, and dancing. That ought to cover most of the regional preferences. We're from Chester County, PA, mostly, and we like to play all manner of Old Time tunes. See you at a festival!

Chris, Clare, Walt & Wanda play fiddles, Frank plays banjo, Woody plays guitar, Bob plays bass.

MP3 music from a live show. Files are 64kbs to conserve space & time. Matter & energy we'll leave to others.

(Right click the filename and save it, then play the tune in your music program.)


Be sure to visit Walt Koken's Mudthumper Music site for more recordings of sweet Old Time Music.

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Want to book a Square Dance for your next event? We work closely with noted caller Pete LaBerge to tailor a great dance for any number of people at any level of experience: Kids and beginners to all-night die-hard cloggers (you know who you are!) Email us at the link above or call Pete at 717-529-6256.